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The fallacy of transparency
October 22, 2021 at 4:00 AM

The terms honesty and transparency are always tossed around in conversations related to government, media and business. Especially throughout this pandemic, the value of trust, relating to honest and transparent information, has been decreasing. According to the newest Edelman Trust Barometer, business is the only trusted institution. Of course, this is good news for business, but it surely comes with big responsibility…

A better approach...

This brings us back to the differences between honesty and transparency. They are not the same thing. When we talk about honesty, we refer to the mindset of telling it like it is, with the whole truth. Beating around the bush and not acting in a forthcoming manner is what allows consumers to decide what is the truth. This is the concept of transparency. When one stays away from telling it like it is, that often leads to false promises. Brands have started to overuse this transparent mindset, and its applicability has become blurry. It is time to avoid lying for market gain. It is time to stop breaking brand promise. It is now time to stay aligned with your organization's mission and vision.

At Enzyme, we believe brand character is created from a more honest brand dialogue. It is about fuelling a brand culture that is built upon values, traits, and beliefs that make a brand true and unique. Enzyme can help master the "walk the talk" mindset. Being honest is much harder than being transparent…but honesty always wins! That is how brand ignition is built.

Do you agree? Is being honest better than being transparent? Does it not bother you when brands are not fully honest? Tell us what you think!