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Infobesity, right?
October 8, 2021 at 4:00 AM
everything is connected

Years ago, Enzyme coined the term "infobesity" - a merged concept of the endless supply of information and the busyness that accompanies it. Years later, this term is just as apparent as it was when it was created, because our world today is filled with information overload. At the tip of our fingers, we have access to everything and anything we could possibly desire. This is the beauty of the internet, cell phones, and the constantly evolving technological field…yet it is also its downfall. Headlines today are filled with advice and guidance on how to survive this state of the world, because information overload can impact productivity, communication, and decision-making. It can cause stress, confusion, and frustration in all fields. Nutritional burnout, discussed in a previous post, is a direct reflection of this. The effects of "infobesity" are truly immeasurable.

Brands, like humans, are also impacted by this. How can they help consumers see through this information overload? What role should they play? How can they ensure customer loyalty? Strategy is key. Creation and implementation of a new mindset is necessary to smoothly sail the rough waters. Honesty is key. Consumers are tired of weathering the storm. Our team is experienced in navigating these challenges - we can certainly help you do so. Reach out to us on our website.