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June 30, 2021 at 3:00 PM
by Enzyme

Food personalization patterns may just have reached another level. Keen observer of food and cultural trends, The Enzyme team believes the era of hyper-self consumption will be an important driver reshaping not only the NPD from start-ups and multinationals but also the genuinely disrupted distribution sector.

According to a recent Innova global consumer study, “2/3 (64%) of consumers had found more ways to tailor their life and the products they bought to their individual style, beliefs, and needs. The survey also found that the leading choice for personalizing nutritional experiences was based on specific nutritional needs, ahead of lifestyle and body composition”. Of course, personalization is nothing new. Genetic profiling, supplementations, precision diets are topics being discussed among health practitioners for years. The difference here is the readiness and the willingness demonstrated by mainstream consumers to concretely explore how on an everyday basis they can do better by establishing a more relevant yet functional relationship with what they eat without giving up on enjoying food. Slowly becoming an emotional driver, food companies big or small should pursue the renovation of their portfolio strategy and innovation to meet this hyper-self new reality.


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