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Here we go again…
September 28, 2021 at 4:00 AM

Wow is it hard to keep up! When there are headlines flying at you each day with new updates and insights on what you “really” need to eat to prevent disease, it is extremely difficult to know what to read and follow. How are consumers supposed to act?

A recent article from The Guardian, published on September 26th, is bringing us back to this never-ending debate. Based on new studies, dairy, salt, and steak may be the answer we need after all:

These contradicting headlines are both confusing and bothersome for consumers. As Enzyme defined more than a decade ago, this is something called nutritional burnout, which is far from a new phenomenon. This constant non-stop discussion is impacting consumers, which is why brand inspired dialogue is of the utmost importance. Better defining brand communication can help consumers navigate this hectic landscape, and further the customer loyalty that companies are looking for. Happy to chat!

Photograph: Anna Ivanova/Alamy