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Appetite for Sustainability
March 8, 2022 at 5:00 AM

Sustainability is here to stay. Not that anyone thought it was going anywhere, but as more time goes on, the viewpoint continues to get stronger and stronger. Enzyme touched on this topic in "Trendz 2022" with Trend #2, SOS: Sustain Our Sphere. Brands today are striving for sustainable goals, but this mostly has to do with the fact that consumers are demanding those goals and making their purchasing habits based on those goals. There is a real appetite for sustainability, and consumers are hungry for it! 
A recent survey from Retail Insight furthered this idea with the statistic that 67% of US shoppers believe supermarkets/grocery stores need to improve their sustainability - clearly this perspective is only getting more powerful. How will this impact grocery stores? With consumer loyalty, of course! Consumers are ready to devote their purchasing time and energy to supermarkets that value being "green," with 55% of US shoppers saying so. Now if stores want to ensure their customer numbers don't go down, they need to consider making some true environmental changes. Be it with products with sustainable claims or reducing excessive and unnecessary packaging, consumers are going to be on the lookout!