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Choosing the right partner

Enzyme is a modern brand and business strategy consultancy specialized in building brand superpowers! Over the years, we have collaborated with numerous organizations of all sizes offering an unparalleled experience and a keen understanding of health, food and technologies consumer issues.
Here, you have our full attention! Enzyme specializes in food, health, and enjoyment. We work with purpose-driven companies in the “product-to-market fit” journey applying business innovation thinking to insightful brand strategies. Big or small, we put the right process in place to think and do succesfully!

Frederic Blaise
Frederic is the trailblazer mission-driven intrapreneur you want to have by your side.

Frederic founded Enzyme with the objective to better support companies, notably food organizations navigate the growing consumer enthusiasm for genuine, sustainable yet enjoyable experiences.

With a background notably in science, marketing and psychology, Frédéric combines his expertise with in-depth knowledge of the agri-food, health and FMCG space, particularly with respect to innovation, market adoption and go-to market strategies.

Dynamic participant on many forums, he conveys a sound and inspired vision for the future of health and sustainability for the agri-food industry. Advisory Board Member the McGill Center for Convergence of Health and Economics and former Chairman at the Association for Health Ingredients in Food, Frederic is a regular contributor in the media. Over the years, he has successfully orchestrated the development of forward thinking brands in Canada and abroad. Business strategist standing out for his think-and-do ability, he brings to Enzyme's performance the perfect balance between creativity and savoir-faire.

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